Technology Transfer

UNI Venture Group’s technology transfer services bridge the gap between breakthrough research and real-world applications. We help you commercialize your intellectual property, securing patents, licensing agreements, and strategic partnerships that generate revenue and maximize impact.


IP Assessment & Protection

We thoroughly evaluate the commercial potential of your intellectual property and develop a robust protection strategy, including patents, trademarks, and copyrights.

Market Analysis & Opportunity Identification

Our experts analyze market trends, competitor landscapes, and potential applications to pinpoint the most promising commercialization pathways for your technology.

Licensing & Partnership Development

We actively identify and negotiate with potential licensees and industry partners, securing agreements that maximize value and impact.

Spin-off Venture Support

We provide guidance and resources for launching new technology-based startups, including business plan development, fundraising facilitation, and ongoing mentorship.

Compliance & Regulatory Navigation

We ensure a seamless technology transfer process by advising on compliance with industry regulations, university policies, and government directives.

Ready to unleash the commercial potential of your innovation? Contact us for a consultation. Our technology transfer experts guide you through the process, protecting your intellectual property, identifying licensing opportunities, and bringing your transformative technology to market.

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